Compliance Reports and Data Management Tools for Facility Operators

Cost-Effective Compliance Reporting for Refuse Collectors and Recyclers

Cost-Effective Compliance Reporting

Need specialized reports that your billing and scale software can’t easily generate? FacilityStats has you covered. Whether the requirements are for specific origin reports, vehicle or load type summaries, or a report to satisfy an audit, detailed and summary data is yours in a flash. Best of all, you choose the format that’s right for you.

Reduce Your Compliance Costs

Collection, recycling, and disposal reports for the agencies where you have accounts are often an inconvenient add-on to your in-house data processing and billing systems. They add costs. Require significant staff resources. And generally take up an enormous amount of time. FacilityStats solves the problem with a modern, cost-effective alternative.

Tracking the origin of incoming loads often involves receiving monthly or quarterly allocation reports from your customers. We’ve created—and host—online portals that allow facilities to check their inbound loads and tons, then file or upload the allocation data. That information is then merged with other reports or used to satisfy requests from cities and counties in your service area.

Data from Your Customers

Standardized Report Forms

Do your cities and counties require paper forms? PDFs? Fill-in Excel tables? All of the above? FacilityStats provides the solution to the different-report-for-every-city problem. Our standardized report forms greatly ease the burden on your staff, while still enabling your cities and counties to specify customized requirements or additional information.

Distributing Data to Customers, Cities, and Counties

The haulers and recyclers using your facility often require information on the quantities of materials that were recovered from their inbound loads. Rather than creating separate reports that have to be distributed to each customer, FacilityStats provides a secure online option that enables your customers and the cities and counties in your service area to access and export the data they require. It can then be exported as Excel files or formatted into customized reports.

Simplified Data Entry

To speed data entry, the FacilityStats forms feature standard drop-down menus. What’s more, menus can be customized with the names of the cities you serve, the programs that you provide, and the facilities you use. If you routinely file reports for many agencies, we can arrange for you to upload your data as Excel files directly into FacilityStats.

A Complete Outsourcing Solution

We have extensive experience creating and hosting sophisticated data management and reporting systems for landfills, MRFs, and transfer stations for clients such as Republic Services and the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts.

We simplify the task of meeting complex compliance reporting requirements. Contact us for more information on how you can benefit from the speed, convenience, and cost savings that FacilityStats offers..

Getting Started

Your cities and counties can start the process by selecting FacilityStats as their method for receiving reports. Alternatively, you can propose to use FacilityStats for meeting your reporting requirements. You will benefit from reduced costs, and your cities and counties will receive improved reports and data analysis tools. It’s a win-win solution.

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